Are you a young female law, business or economics student who are passionate about career goals and want to share experience with other ambitious students? Become a part of WCN today.

Women’s Career Network combines career goals with pleasure. It is a non-profit organisation working to create value for our members. As part of WCN you as a member are able to get a valuable network and meet other like-minded students. We enable an insight into the world of business and law and create opportunities to network with inspiring profiles.

WCN have two keystones: Within the professional networking we arrange workshops and similar events for inspirations and as a tool to develop your professionalism. At the events with focus at the social networking we want to bring together ambitious students to network with each other. We get together to inspire each other.

WCN are based on the member’s participation and together we build the network. Apply for membership by email through the link below.

Become a member of WCN here (link)! if you instead want to become a member of WCN Professionals click here (link)!

Read more about WCN Professionals (link).

The following information shall be submitted in your application to
• First name
• Last name
• Email adress
• Year of birth
• Estimated completion date for studies
• What you study
• Which school you study at
• City

Please attach university registration certificate, admission, screenshot from etc (if such is available in your country).

By submitting your application you agree to that your personal information will be stored in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act, and you thereby accept our membership conditions and Bylaws.

Welcome – we are pleased to have you with us